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Top Apps To Enhance This Year’s Thanksgiving With Your Kids


Whether you love Turkey and cranberries, family get-togethers, or online shopping sprees, this weekend promises to be an exciting one. With companies gearing up for online and in-store sales, and people of all generations getting ready to celebrate, Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most anticipated of the year.

Amidst all the hype, at FamilyKeeper our main concern is that your family enjoys this time period, without any fears or worries. More time at home often means more screen time - and more screen time comes with a host of other problems. We all know that there is a lot of unsolicited content available online, and spending excessive amounts of time on a screen isn’t particularly healthy.

However, you can definitely direct the excess screen time towards being educational, beneficial, and productive. FamilyKeeper has rounded up the top apps to help you and your kids enhance Thanksgiving.

Issa’s Edible Adventures

This cute app follows the adventures of Issa as she discovers the ingredients from around the world, to make exciting new meals. Free from in-app purchases and in-app advertisements, and suitable for ages 6 and above, this app contains cooking games, as well as inspiration for yummy new dishes for you to try this Thanksgiving.

Zoom or FaceTime

It’s not always possible to be together on holidays. Make use of video-calling apps, such as Zoom or FaceTime, to speak to loved ones who are far away. Being able to video chat people from afar, when you can’t be with them in person, is one of the best uses of modern technology that has been made available to the masses. So whether your kids want to speak to their grandparents, cousins or friends abroad, using a video-calling app is a great way to enable this.


Are you inviting people for Thanksgiving dinner? Have you got great photos from the weekend? Canva is a simple-to-use graphic design program that kids and adults can enjoy using, in order to create professional-looking invitations, enhance photos, and experiment with designs.

Just Dance Now

These days, you don’t have to be a couch potato just because a screen is on - get involved with a dance app such as Just Dance Now and enjoy some great cardio after all that heavy turkey and stuffing! The whole family can get involved as well, which is always fun.

So this Thanksgiving, you can let your kids enjoy some screen time in a safe environment. But be sure to make time for other activities as well. Play a game of football in the park, meet up with friends, pick a family board game - yes a family movie in the evening is also great to snuggle up to, just make sure there isn’t screen time overload!

And if you are worried about your family's screen time schedule, there’s always the FamilyKeeper parental control app, powered by ReasonLabs, to help you effectively plan your family’s screen time for the day, block dangerous apps and sites, and get alerts that your kids are always somewhere safe!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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