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FamilyKeeper has been revolutionizing child safety and digital parenting since 2017, ensuring our kids are always safe both online and offline.
FamilyKeeper since 2017
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Thanks to the latest in AI technology and a dedicated team of parenting and cybersecurity experts, FamilyKeeper is one of the most powerful parental control apps around today, providing parents around the globe with constant peace of mind.How does it all work?
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About our mission

At FamilyKeeper, we are driven by our love for families and technology. And we work tirelessly to ensure kids can lead happy, healthy and risk-free digital lives.

Our job is to deliver the latest digital solutions and parenting advice so parents are completely equipped for navigating the minefield that is digital parenting.



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FamilyKeeper is powered by ReasonLabs, the cybersecurity pioneers founded in 2016 by Kobi Kalif and Andrew Newman, former lead security program manager at Microsoft. ReasonLabs is led by cybersecurity, AI, and machine-learning experts and provides the highest levels of cybersecurity defense and privacy protection to individuals, families and corporations worldwide-

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