It’s time to protect our children from cyber threats

Cyberbullying & Shaming

Pedophiles & Cyberpredators

Anorexia, Bulimia & Eating Disorders

Screen Addiction


Drugs & Alcohol


Sexual Content


The FamilyKeeper parental control app alerts parents when children are exposed to age-inappropriate content, cyber predators, cyberbullying or screen addiction, on various different platforms. For example: Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and many more.

Produced and refined under the guidance of digital education professionals, experts in family relationships and psychologists, as well as children and parents.

 Complete Coverage

FamilyKeeper allows you to monitor you children’s online behavior on the most popular apps and social networks.

Real-Time Alerts

Online child protection. Get customized, real-time alerts about inappropriate activities or content on messaging platforms, social media and web browsers.

Location Tracking

Child safety app. Track your children’s location and history, and receive notifications if they are in a place you deem unsafe. 

Image Gallery

Monitor new photos and saved images on your child’s device.

Artificial Intelligence

Child protection app. Detect worrisome behavior patterns, signs of online bullying, cyber predators or dangerous activities on various social networks and other platforms.

Screen Time

End screen addiction. Set limits and time schedules on your child’s access to online games, social networks, websites, etc.

Battery Tracker

Track and get notified when your child is running low on batteries.

FamilyKeeper’s Blog

Online child protection is serious business. Cyber predators, screen addiction and cyber bullying can happen to anyone. Learn from the experts who made the world’s leading parental control app.

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