How FamilyKeeper Works?

FamilyKeeper is a simple and easy-to-use app that parents can install in just a few minutes. Its cutting-edge features ensure your kids can use their phones to learn, grow and interact as children should. In a safe and happy digital world.


Install FamilyKeeper in 3 easy steps

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iconDownloadInstall the FamilyKeeper Parent app on your device and create your Parent Account.
iconPairInstall the FamilyKeeper Kid app on your child’s device then sign into your Parent Account.
iconProtectGet live alerts whenever your child is exposed to digital threats. Monitor their online behavior on your dashboard.
Protection for our digital kids
FamilyKeeper has been built with the latest mobile and AI technology. This means round-the-clock protection for your kids. Both on and off the net. With FamilyKeeper, parents can enjoy peace of mind and kids can use their devices freely.
The latest parenting know-how
Digital parenting is constantly evolving. As well as the latest digital tools for your child’s online safety, FamilyKeeper provides you with the most up-to-date parenting tips and advice. This way, you are always ready for the latest parenting challenges.

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It’s good to ask questions - FAQs

What is FamilyKeeper's mission?

Online child protection is serious business. Cyber predators, screen addiction and cyber bullying can happen to anyone. FamilyKeeper's mission is to ensure kids are safe and secure online, by providing added value to parents. Through key features such as geolocation tracking, image monitoring and keyword alerts and notifications across social media platforms, FamilyKeeper aims to make parenting easier in the digital world.

How does FamilyKeeper work?

FamilyKeeper is a dual-application solution. It works by linking your child's device to your own device.

After the linking is complete, you can monitor your child's online activity, as well as tracking his / her location so that you know they are always somewhere safe, without any additional setup.

How do I install FamilyKeeper?

Installing FamilyKeeper is very simple!

In order to begin using FamilyKeeper, you first need to download the FamilyKeeper Parent app from Google Play (for Android) or App store (for iOS).

Once you have downloaded the app, open it to sign up and register your details. After signing up, you can connect your child's device to your account according to the instructions in the app. Now you can begin protecting your child's online activity!

Why should I use FamilyKeeper?

FamilyKeeper is designed to keep children safe online, and to help parents and kids navigate the digital world together.

FamilyKeeper should be installed on the first phone a parent gives their child. Think of it as training wheels for your kid's cell phone - once your kids learn the ropes and become more experienced with the technology, you can remove the training wheels.