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Can Screen Time be Beneficial? 5 Apps with Educational Value


While screen time should definitely have its limits, there is no doubt that the experiences we can gain from online content can be of extreme educational value as well. Movies, TV programs, websites covering a range of topics, and apps can all provide added value, without being detrimental.

As summer approaches and your kids have more free time on their hands, you may be wondering how you are going to occupy them – especially if you are trying to get work or chores done! We’ve all resorted to using screens as ‘babysitters’ in one way or another – but did you know that you can do so, and still be assured your kids are gaining positively from the experience?

We’ve rounded up 5 top apps that provide educational value this summer – so that you can get stuff done, your children can be happily occupied, and they learn a little something too!

1 Lingokids

This app uses cute animals to guide kids through learning English and expanding their vocabulary, writing letters, and spelling. The free version provides a daily activity limit as well, helping to ensure kids go out and get some fresh air and aren’t glued to the screen!

2 Chess for Kids

This one has it all in the title! The game of chess is excellent for cognitive activity, and the app teaches young players the rules of the game, technique, and has videos and puzzles they can access. Again, you need to sign up for a gold membership to get unrestricted access to all the lessons – but you’ll also get a small allotment of daily puzzles.

3 Math Bingo

Yay – math and a game combined! This app allows kids to practice addition and subtraction, as well as providing game elements using cute little bugs – making math practice a much more enjoyable experience!

4 Solar System Scope

Want to look outside the book a little and expand their horizons? Then this is the education app for your family – with a focus on our solar system and all the objects within it, this app allows your kid to immerse themselves in outer space, and explore and learn facts, statistics and interesting tidbits.

5 Teach Your Monster

This phonics and reading game helps children with their reading practice by first creating a monster, and then taking it on a magical journey where they will meet more colorful characters, and improve their reading along the way. millions of children learn to read. The app covers the first two years of learning to read, from matching letters, sounds and phonics to enjoying short books. Best of all, this designed-for-kids app contains no in-app purchases, hidden costs or in-game adverts.

In Summary

So this summer, have a browse through some of these educational apps and see what appeals to you and your child! Making learning fun is a key element of childhood, so it’s good to know that there are lots of choices for fun online education.

For more information on helping your child navigate their online experience safely, and screen time limits, check out the FamilyKeeper app – download from the Google Play Store, or visit for more blogs, tips and information.

You are also most welcome to join our FamilyKeeper Community Group – Digital World Parenting – where you can share your own experiences of the best educational apps for kids, as well as learn from our parenting experts, and swap advice and recommendations from other parent members.

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