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Child safety during Coronavirus (COVID-19)


We live in interesting times. Unfortunately for us, interesting, in the context of the latest news, is more akin to the famous “Chinese curse” than anything positive. Globalization and technology are double-edged swords; they bring with them both tremendous, life-altering benefits that we can no longer imagine living without — like smartphones and the internet — alongside newer digital threats and global health dangers that we’re still learning to come to terms with.

With the coronavirus now confirmed as pandemic by the World Health Organization conferences, sports stadiums, schools and houses of worship across the world are shuttering their doors. But that’s not all. Mass gatherings and public events — even small ones — are being canceled and outright banned left and right. In some regions, quarantines have been put in place across entire cities and counties.

All of this means that most likely, kids will be at home for some time. They’re going to be bored and will look to their smartphones mostly for entertainment, but also as a way to socialize during extended periods of social distancing and mandated quarantine. It’s safe to say that smartphone screen time and app usage will significantly grow during these trying times.

And with this rise in usage, we can also expect a proportional growth in the potential online dangers and problematic digital behavior that may come along for the ride.

Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning — we’re not just talking about cyberbullying, online predators and inappropriate usage anymore. Specifically now, in the time of corona, it’s critical that you’re able to keep tabs on your kids’ whereabouts at any given time. This is not just to ensure that they stay away from containment zones and public gatherings where the likelihood of exposure to the coronavirus is particularly high. It’s also to make sure that quarantined children stay at home even when the adults are out shopping or working.

Now’s the time to have a serious talk about the steps we can take to keep our kids safe during these challenging times. Luckily for us, some of the advantages of technology include powerful tools that we can use to protect our kids from the dark side of the internet, as well as from the spread of the Coronavirus.

Here are 4 ways you can use FamilyKeeper to keep your kids safe.

Stay on top of their location — Use FamilyKeeper’s real-time GPS location feature to instantly locate your child. Coronavirus’ highly contagious nature means that gatherings of any size can pose a real danger. If that isn’t enough, children aren’t always fully equipped to understand the acute danger of coronavirus and may take risks like visiting sick friends or going into areas with high concentrations of the virus.

Set up digital fences — Take advantage of advanced geofencing capabilities to set up ‘no go’ zones for your kids. You’ll get an immediate update if your child approaches a geofenced area so that you can take appropriate action. With geofencing you’ll instantly know if your child goes anywhere near dangerous areas, or tries to leave quarantine. That way, you can rest assured your children are safe, even if you’re not in their proximity.

Establish rules and monitor usage — Filter and block problematic websites, set up screen time limitations and block applications during specific hours. Access in-depth analytics on how your kids are spending their time on the smartphone. With the kids at home, they’ll be looking for entertainment. The smartphone will be the first place they look for it. Use FamilyKeeper to set up clear boundaries on how and when your kids use their smartphones.

Protection from cyberthreats — Advanced monitoring capabilities detect suspicious behavior patterns, cyberbullying and other online threats across leading social networks and other platforms. Get customizable, real-time alerts if your child is exposed to inappropriate messages or photos. As kids around the world continue to use their smartphones more and more as a way to cope with the impact of the Coronavirus, the dangers of the digital world become more real.

During these stressful times, the need for vigilance is greater than ever. With FamilyKeeper, your child is kept safe — both from the dangers of the internet, and from the spread of Coronavirus.

Remember, to work correctly FamilyKeeper should be installed on your childrens’ devices and your own. Contact Us if you have any difficulties setting it up.

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