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Let Your Kids Spread Their Wings, Safely!


Raising kids in this day and age is more challenging than ever. The digital era forces parents to make choices that no generation before them has ever had to face. Sometimes this can happen on a daily basis, if not hourly. Unfortunately, unlike our parents and grandparents, we have no one who has already faced these problems to turn to for advice. It’s up to us to figure out how to deal with the problems created by the technology that we each carry around in our pockets.

As parents, our mission is to raise confident, independent children who can see all the beauty the world has to offer. But how can we do this while keeping them safe from its darker sides, especially the newer digital dangers that we’re just learning about ourselves? Cyberbullying, digital stalkers, smartphone addiction and loss of privacy are all concerns that we need to educate our children about before we can let them use their smartphones independently.

But we can’t just forbid our kids from using smartphones. Today, smartphones are an essential part of our lives. Kids use them to entertain themselves, socialize and to help them with these studies. Children must learn how to stay safe while using their smartphones so that they can continue on their path to independence.

So how do we keep our kids safe while giving them the space they need to grow?

Smartphones should be treated just like any other new social tool that your kids use as they move towards adulthood. There is a right way to use them, and there’s a wrong way to use them. It’s up to us to show them the right way. Just like we were told never to tell a stranger on the phone where we live, or to call someone’s house after 9PM, kids should have strict rules and learn proper behavior before we can let them use their smartphones without supervision.

FamilyKeepers was built to help children develop awareness about the dangers of the digital world while keeping them safe as they learn to navigate their new independence. Advanced rule setting capabilities let you place usage limits and instill safe behaviors. AI-driven monitoring tools alert you to any problematic behavior and ensure that your kids are protected, even when you’re not around.

Awareness. Like it or not, your kids need to know that what they do on their smartphone is definitely not private. Phone usage can be monitored by anyone, at any time. With FamilyKeepers on their smartphones your kids will quickly internalize that fact, and learn to always act appropriately and never share or store sensitive data on their devices.

Behavior. Rules define the behavior that we expect to see in our children. Use FamilyKeepers to set up clear guidelines about the way you want your kids to use their smartphones. Establish usage limits, block inappropriate websites and apps and block the phone while your kids are at school or doing homework.

Monitor. Get customizable, real-time alerts regarding any inappropriate behavior or problematic usage. Access in-depth analytics that offer insights into how your kids are using their smartphones.

Modern times call for modern measures. FamilyKeepers gives you everything you need to keep your children safe while teaching them how to use their smartphones wisely as they learn to become independent.

Remember, to work correctly FamilyKeeper should be installed on your childrens’ devices and your own. Contact us if you have any difficulties setting it up.

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