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National Bullying Prevention Month: Combat Cyberbullying with FamilyKeeper

Every October, the spotlight shines on National Bullying Prevention Month, a vital initiative dedicated to raising awareness about bullying and its various forms. In today's digital age, where online interactions are prevalent, combating cyberbullying has become a crucial aspect of this campaign.

This blog explores the significance of National Bullying Prevention Month, the rise of cyberbullying, and how parental control apps play a pivotal role in safeguarding children from online harassment.

Understanding Cyberbullying in the Digital Age

Cyberbullying involves using digital devices and platforms to harass, threaten, or intimidate others. It can take numerous forms, such as sending hurtful messages, spreading rumors, sharing embarrassing photos, or excluding someone online. The consequences of cyberbullying are severe, leading to emotional distress, low self-esteem, and even suicidal thoughts in victims.

Why National Bullying Prevention Month Includes Cyberbullying

The advent of social media and online forums has given bullies new avenues to target their victims - and sadly, it’s a widespread issue that’s still extremely prevalent in our society, with statistics showing that cases of cyberbullying are worryingly high. Cyberbullying extends the reach and impact of traditional bullying, making it imperative to address this issue during National Bullying Prevention Month.

Bullying is no longer something that only happens face-to-face in the schoolyard or workplace. With technology, bullying, or cyberbullying, is far-reaching and follows the victim home. By focusing on cyberbullying, we acknowledge the importance of nurturing safe online spaces for everyone, especially our children.

The Role of Parental Control Apps in Cyberbullying Prevention

Parental control apps have emerged as powerful tools for parents seeking to protect their children from cyberbullying. The FamilyKeeper parental control app is committed to combatting cyberbullying for kids in the following ways:

1. Content Filtering

FamilyKeeper allows parents to filter inappropriate content, ensuring that children are shielded from harmful websites, messages, and social media posts.

2. Social Media Monitoring

FamilyKeeper enables parents to monitor their child's social media interactions, including messages and comments. Any signs of cyberbullying can be detected early, allowing parents to intervene and support their child.

3. Real-time Alerts

FamilyKeeper sends real-time alerts to parents when they detect potential cyberbullying incidents. This prompt notification empowers parents to address the issue promptly and guide their child through the situation.

4. Screen Time Management

By managing screen time, Familykeeper encourages a healthy balance between online and offline activities. Limited exposure reduces the chances of encountering cyberbullying situations.

5. Cyberbullying Education

FamilyKeeper provides resources and educational materials about cyberbullying. Educated parents can, in turn, educate their children about the risks associated with online interactions. The FamilyKeeper digital parenting community group ‘Digital World Parenting’ is also a safe space for parents and educators to get advice on combatting online bullying.

National Bullying Prevention Month serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to combat all forms of bullying, including the pervasive issue of cyberbullying. By embracing parental control apps, parents can actively participate in creating a safer online environment for their children.

FamilyKeeper is available on both Android and iOS, giving parents the tools they need to keep their children’s digital presence safe from harm. For more information, visit us at

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