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Put Those Screens Away! 4 Ways To Make Bedtime Easier
May 22, 2022
As adults, we may have trained ourselves to function on less sleep – but try reasoning with an overtired toddler or a moody teenager and you may well be on a mission to lessen screen time, and create a more serene bedtime experience for your family!
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Too Much Screen Time? Risks, Dangers, and What We Can Do to Help
May 11, 2022
Social media platforms, chatrooms, WhatsApp and text messaging, online gaming – the advent of web-based connections is affecting our ability to form face-to-face relationships with people.
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40% of Teenagers Experience Loneliness. Help Protect Them With These 3 Steps
April 28, 2022
Over 40% of teenagers have reported experiencing loneliness as a result of social media – an astonishing figure considering that ‘social’ implies togetherness.
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3 Tips to Keep Your Loved Ones Cyber Safe this Easter!
April 7, 2022
Our job is to keep you and your family cyber safe – so this year, enjoy our top tips for a stress-free Easter!
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International Children’s Book Day: Switch Off Screens and Curl Up with a Good Book!
March 31, 2022
This International Children’s Book Day, whether your child is holding a tablet or a physical book, it’s time to explore the world of children’s literature.
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7 Alarming Online Games to Watch Out For
March 24, 2022
The word ‘games’ implies fun – but some of these popular online experiences, even those aimed at kids, contain worrying content. Here's what you should be looking out for.
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The Dark Side of Social Media: 5 Dangers to Be Wary Of
February 27, 2022
We’ve delved into the heart of social media use to find the 5 most prominent dangers that we need to be aware of.

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