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National Bullying Prevention Month: Combat Cyberbullying with FamilyKeeper
October 23, 2023
Every October, the spotlight shines on National Bullying Prevention Month, a vital initiative dedicated to raising awareness about bullying and its various forms.
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What Is Mukbang and ASMR? Effects Of This Social Media Trend
September 19, 2023
Mukbang has gained immense popularity across various social media platforms, particularly on video-sharing sites like YouTube, Twitch, and platforms that support live streaming. But what does 'mukbang' and ASMR mean?
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Back To School! Is Sharing Photos Online A Risky Thing To Do?
September 4, 2023
Sharing 'Back to School' photos of your children online can be a heartwarming way to celebrate their milestones, but it's essential to be aware of security risks, especially with regard to identity theft and online protection.
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Is Instagram Threads Safe for Kids? The Risks You Should Know
August 17, 2023
Instagram Threads is relatively new - but is it safe to use? Everything parents need to know
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Prevent Screen Addiction & Tips for Screen Addiction Treatment
July 11, 2023
In this blog, we will explore what screen addiction is, why it is detrimental to young minds, and how parental control apps can help prevent and manage this issue.
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How Do I Safeguard My Child Online? Web Content Filtering in Parental Control Apps
June 15, 2023
Why should parents use a web content filtering solution? And how is it used to block harmful websites?
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Are YouTube Shorts Safe For Kids? How to Block YouTube Shorts
May 30, 2023
The content of YouTube Shorts varies widely, and while some YouTube Shorts may be appropriate for kids, others may not be.

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