A smarter approach to online child safety

Led by anthropologist Tamir Leon, our team of childcare professionals and educational experts developed an artificially intelligent service that functions as a parenting ally.

The FamilyKeeper parental control app alerts parents to potential issues — like cyber bullying and cyber predators — detected on their children’s messaging platforms, apps and social media.

Words from Tamir

The different methods of approaching the subject of cyber safety for kids. 


Online child protection

Our aim is to enhance cyber safety for kids by informing parents with real-time insights into their children’s online activities.

AI-Powered Parenting

Continuously studying the effects of technology on children

This intuitive parental control app is installed on your children’s smartphones, allowing parents to supervise their online behavior and protect them from digital threats like cyber bullying and cyber predators. Your children can still enjoy all the online social activities they love, while you rest assured that their activities are being supervised by the world’s leading child safety app. If something goes wrong, you will be informed in real-time and be able to intervene before a potentially dangerous situation escalates. 

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