It’s World Emoji Day! Here Are The Top Emojis for This Summer

Do you know what emojis your kids are using – and what they mean?


Here are the top emojis for Summer 2022!

First off – it’s summer! So we can expect to see some sunshine☀️, sunglasses 🕶️, and oh-my-gosh-I’m-dripping-with-sweat emojis 🥵 There’s also 😎 – which can suggest summer vibes, or just simply being ‘cool’.

We might also see some summer-related food emojis appearing – anything to cool off in the summer heat! Ice cream🍦, snowcones🍧, watermelon🍉 – or even a refreshing summer cocktail! 🍸

But what else is going on in the world of teen and tween emoji use – and what do these imply?

Tears of Joy 😂

Did you know that this ‘crying with laughter’ emoji has been the top most-used emoji on Twitter this year? It’s certainly great to see such a positive image come out on top!

Tears Streaming 😭

A little bit more of an intense version than Tears of Joy, this one has also been a chart-topper until Tears of Joy took its place – with meanings ranging from inconsolable grief to overwhelming joy or pride.

Praying Hands 🙏🏻

Did you know that this emoji is also used by teens as a high-five? For the more conventional user, this can also be used as a symbol to express prayer, thanks or gratitude.

Red Heart ❤️

This one always has, and probably always will be, a firm favorite – depicting love, and also used as a reaction on Facebook, this emoji shows that love is really what makes the world go round!

Woman Dancing 💃 

Summer vacation is, of course, for letting your hair down – so use this emoji when you want to let your friends know you are ready to party!

Pile of Poo 💩

The ever-popular poo emoji was derived in Japan and intended to have a whimsical, rather than vulgar, connotation. These days, depending on the context, it has come to mean anything from ‘I don’t like that’ to ‘chocolate chip’!

Snake 🐍 

Be a bit wary of this one – not all parents may realize that this is a negative connotation for implying that someone is a “backstabber”.

Peach 🍑 

And a peach isn’t just a peach – it’s actually meant to represent someone’s behind! 

Clapping Hands 👏🏻

Again, this one isn’t always meant as literally as “applause” – when used between every word, it implies a “slow-clap”, and is meant in a sarcastic way.

And in a thinly-veiled attempt at disguise, the tree 🌳 , herb 🌿, four-leaf clover 🍀, and broccoli 🥦 all symbolize the  cannabis plant. 

Obviously, there’s a good chance that sometimes broccoli is just broccoli – context is pretty important here!

With new emojis constantly joining the Unicode standard, it’s likely that there will always be new images, new meaning, and new uses given to the different symbols. In an ideal world, we’d have a lot more ❤️ and a lot less 🐍- all we can do is try to impress upon the younger generation, and to ourselves, that ultimately these emojis were developed to be used in a positive way – not as a means to cyberbully. They may just seem like innocent pictograms, but they aren’t always used as such. 

This World Emoji Day, let’s try to remember what emojis were created for!